BusinessCardsMX 3.9

BusinessCardsMX 3.91is a business card designer for Windows
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BusinessCardsMX 3.91is a business card designer for Windows.
You can design your own business card from the scratch using the Editor, or use de Design Wizard (that will guide you step by step) where you will be able, if you want, to use some of the ready-made templates provided with the program.

Once you´ve chosen your desired template, you can specify the size of the cards you will print. There is a wide variety that covers all the standard sizes and printing sheets you will find in stores.

The Second step is completing the data that should be included in the card.

Then, you will be able to change every aspect of the card, until you get a result according to your needs and taste. You can change or add text, change the colors of the bacground or the fonts, add shadows or effects, change sizes of the fonts, the position of the blocks, add layers and whatever you want. You can set the program to show you grids to align everything.

Once you´re satisfied with the result, you can save it to disk, export it to an image file, or print it.

Warning: the unregistered version puts a watermark over the cards, that will be printed when you print them.

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