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Nowadays, business cards are used in a wide range of fields. Lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, as well as other professionals are using business cards in order to create strong social connections. Every person can order business cards from professional designers, or they can create them by using programs like BusinessCards MX.

This professional application can be easily used by any computer user, regardless of their level of experience in graphical design. It comes with a highly intuitive interface, which includes all the necessary tools for the designing process. The program is mainly based on importing objects (pictures, text, various documents, etc.), and afterward, customizing them in order to produce appealing business cards. At first sight, the graphical user interface can seem to be quite overwhelming, but after a couple of minutes of using it, you will notice that all the necessary tools are arranged in such manner that you will have easy access to them.

I was able to create a sample business card in less than five minutes. The program comes with a collection of background images, and they are also quite attractive. In addition to this, you will be able to choose from various effects to apply to text or images included in your project. A “Print Preview” tool is available, and will show you how the business card will look on paper.

I strongly recommend BusinessCards MX to anyone who wants to save money, and design their own business cards.

Margie Smeer
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  • Well-designed interface.
  • It doesn't require many system resources.
  • It's able to save to a large number of graphic formats.


  • It includes only basic editing functions
  • Doesn't come with an image editor.
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